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Unit SizeWhole Sale
Unit Price
Box Price
(12 Units)
Suggested Retail
Indigenous Strips 70g8.50102 15.99
Indigenous Strips 100g11.50138 19.99
Rabbit Ears 50g50g8.5010213.99
Rabbit Ears 70g70g11.0013217.99
Rabbit Feet 70g 70g7.008411.99
Rabbit Feet 100g100g8.009614.99
Rabbit Rolls 5/pkg5/bag8.5010214.99
Rabbit Rolls 10/pkg10/bag11.5013824.99
Cat Treats25g3.00365.99
Rabbit Topper3 oz10.0012012.99


Unit SizeWhole Sale
Unit Price
Box Price
(12 Units)
Suggested Retail
Beaver Rolls 5/pkg5/pkg8.5010214.99
Bever Rolls 10/pkg10/pkg11.5013824.99
Beaver Topper3oz10.0012012.99


Unit SizeWhole Sale
Unit Price
Box Price
(12 Units)
Suggested Retail
Bison Rolls 5/pkg5/pkg8.5010214.99
Bison Rolls 10/pkg10/pkg11.5013824.99
Bison Topper3oz10.0012012.99

Box Quantity

Box Quantity

Box Quantity

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Shades of Gray Pet Treats
Processed Pellets

We provide all natural pet treats that enhance your pet’s health. Our treats help with your pet’s dental hygiene, for their coats to shine brighter, they are less likely to have problems with allergies while staying much more hydrated and energetic!

  • Contains minimum basic nutrients
  • Cleans pet teeth while chewing
  • Long lasting even after opening
  • Easy to digest for sensitive stomaches
  • Fights depression and anxiety, improves energy
  • Excellent source of protein and iron
  • Boosts immune system and reduces heart disease
Indigenous Pet Treats Canada Shades of Gray

Natural Food Encourages

Healthy Happy Pets

We pride ourselves in our gluten, antibiotic and preservative free snacks for your pets made of the single ingredients of various free ranged animals such as rabbit, beaver and bison, a delicacy that is not only good for us but for our pets’ too.

Natural Pet Treats

Snacks your pet loves

Federally Inspected Rabbit Meat Pet Products.
Shades of Gray Rabbitry has been awarded a Federal Grant for business expansion.

Nutricious and Delicious

The Purrfect Snack

Shades of Gray’s Indigenous Pet treats offers a wide range of delicacies made of a single ingredient such as bison, rabbit and beaver which goes through a dehydration process. These dried treats will make your precious pet instantly fall in love with and would want more with the bonus that it contains no additives and it is completely organic just how mother nature intended.

We currently provide, Indigenous Rabbit Strips, Rabbit Ears, Rabbit Feet, Stuffed Rabbit Ears, and Rabbit Rolls, Beaver Topper and Bison Topper that contains no gluten, glycerine or grain!

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Guaranteed to keep your pet happy and healthy!

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